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octobre 2022

Cronaí na hÉireann (Chroniques d’Irlande)

2023-11-11T06:12:17+00:0021 octobre 2022|Formations du personnel|

“Suite à l'appel à candidature pour le projet Erasmus+ de mobilités du personnel, j'eus la chance d'être sélectionné afin de pouvoir participer à ce nouveau organisé au sein de notre établissement. Après la longue préparation administrative, me voilà en route vers Dublin en 'Irlande du 18 au 29 juillet 2022. Pendant quinze jours, je pus vivre au rythme de la [...]

juillet 2022

Day 10 – This is the end, my Irish friend…

2022-09-28T07:59:07+00:0029 juillet 2022|Formations du personnel|

Unefortunaly, it is the end of my journey and the time to come back to the old continent, where a fiery heat is burning lands and fields, has come. 09:00a.m We have been all gathered in the Synge Theatre, all european projects' partners, like as our welcoming first day. After a presentation which have summarized all goals aimed in this [...]

Day 9 – The final countdown

2022-09-28T10:09:13+00:0028 juillet 2022|Formations du personnel|

I approached to the end and it was the time for a reflection about my professional development. 09:00am and 01:30pm All the day, we have prepared our portfolio in 4 slides : Presentation slide with the presenetion of all team crew Learning slide with subjects about we have learned during all the project : dance, history, music, film, legends, art, sports, [...]

Day 8 – The legends through the truth

2022-09-28T10:08:52+00:0027 juillet 2022|Formations du personnel|

Walking to my lesson, I hearded a far and deep voice calling me to begin a quest. When I have accepted my fate, a litle weird creature appeared in front of me in a bright sunligths... After few moment, I wondered me if it was a good idea... 09:00a.m The Morning has started by an explication about the difference between [...]

Day 7 – The Irish kitchen

2022-09-28T08:04:22+00:0026 juillet 2022|Formations du personnel|

26 July 2002 Since morning, every day, the streets of Dublin smelled of many different flavors flying through the air. Smoke rose in the sky to mix them with clouds. If you listened as well, you could hear cookers making theirs duties in hostels… 09:00a.m As a speaking training, we have watched an abstract from the show Room 101, Series [...]

Day 6 – Around the world…

2022-09-28T10:39:58+00:0025 juillet 2022|Formations du personnel|

This morning, maybe, I was in a parallel world, but people was speaking a weird dialect whi I couldn't understand... 09:00am This day was interesting because it was a good illustration for video using. We have discussed about the reasons to use it : introduction, consolidating, compréhension, discussion. Using a video can be helpfull to reinforce meanings dynamically, to capture [...]

Day 5 – Dublin with the Wind

2022-09-28T07:00:31+00:0022 juillet 2022|Formations du personnel|

22 July 2022 This new morning, the wind was a little bit cold.  Walking to my lesson, I believe to hear a melancholy music. After looking after around me, no singer is near me. After few seconds, I understand that sound was carried by the air. 09:00a.m - Irish rhythm in the light We have begun the day by a [...]

Day 4 – Irish sports on the green

2022-09-28T11:51:09+00:0021 juillet 2022|Formations du personnel|

21 July 2022 When the sunlights are rising from the darkness, I am feeling sportive, maybe athletic, with a lot of energy... Probably too much... 09:00a.m We have played to a game named Stop the bus with subjects about country, vegetable, song, building, transport and sport. We have played by group of five. After that, by wordle game, we have [...]

Day 3 – Relics back to the Future

2022-09-28T05:21:11+00:0020 juillet 2022|Formations du personnel|

20 July 2022 In the early morning haze, I felt the fate waited for me to find out some mysteries about this land and his people. A long and complex history which created an important european civilisation... 09:00a.m As an introduction for this new day, in a group of three, we have done an exercise in which we have to [...]

Day 2 – Good Morning Ireland !!

2022-07-27T16:40:23+00:0019 juillet 2022|Formations du personnel|

19 July 2022 Greetings... Another day has come ! Seagulls sang since dawn and the weather was colder than yesterday. What was the meaning ? Anyway, let me tell you the second chapter from my book... 09:00 a.m In the morning, we have begun the course corresponding to Activate your English (B1+, B2). As an introduction, the instructor was presented [...]

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