26 July 2002

Since morning, every day, the streets of Dublin smelled of many different flavors flying through the air. Smoke rose in the sky to mix them with clouds. If you listened as well, you could hear cookers making theirs duties in hostels…


As a speaking training, we have watched an abstract from the show Room 101, Series 7, Episode 3 where Stephen Moffat (mainly Doctor Who showrunner), Jimmy Carr and Rochelle Humes were invited. The last woman told about something annoying her. So, it was the groups exercise’s subject in where we have had to explain to other partners some things which were annoyed us.


Our crew has worked on Food in Ireland and we have studied c.ooking acting verbs, describing food adjectives and commons foodstuffs.

In the second part of the morning, we have played to a scattergory game to find more vocabulary relevant to the food, and we have compared three food habits to find the healthiest, the least healthy and the most varied between France, the USA and the Amazony from the Times’ article.


Then, we have compared a some of school lunch to discover what they looked like around the world. Very interesting !


The afternoon was a reflecting time where we could shared some of the best and the worst things in our job.

Then, we have found out the school’s organisation in Ireland and their differents stages : primary and post-primary schools with the junior and the senior cycle. And a teacher has mainly one class but teached a lot of subjects.

It was another good day about european dimension with a lot of discovering about food’s habit and
education’s organisation.

My daily reflection

With this yummy subject, we could learn a lot of cooking terms and discovered cooking habits and cultures. This subjet was a very good way to render a real european dimension.

Signed by your foody cooker, 

Vivien CAPO.