Walking to my lesson, I hearded a far and deep voice calling me to begin a quest.

When I have accepted my fate, a litle weird creature appeared in front of me in a bright sunligths…

After few moment, I wondered me if it was a good idea…


The Morning has started by an explication about the difference between a myth and a legend.

After this activity introduction, all partipants was spleeted by group of five to study only one myth. The aim about this exercice was to sumerize the myth to present to group the myth by acting.

The myth I have studied was about a showdown between a Scottish and an Irish Giants. The myth explained the creation of the Giant Causeways.

Acting during the presentation was very interesting and so fun.

We ended the morning with the Hot Seating exercice, when a people plays a character. The rest of us had to ask some questions to learn about character. And… some questions was very funny !!


We have visited the Trinity College library and his main piece Book of Kells.

During the visit, we have another task-based Field Learning with many questions to discover the illuminating artwork with  illustrations and ornamentation in many manuscrips.

It was a self work during all the afternoon. Visiting the library and reading about illuminating artwork was very interesting. I have taken a lot of notes, and probably, too much, about techniques an equipments.

Illuminating artwork with illustrations and ornamentation

Trinity College Library Hall

Statues of iconic writers, scientists and philosophes in human being History

My daily reflection

We could practice oral presentation combined with playing like in a teamwork. The morning was an excellent exercice to add to subject, an active practice to improve our speaking communication.

This day was very interesting, because we have studied the part of Artwork.

Signed by your unclear mythic deuterogonist,

Vivien CAPO