I approached to the end and it was the time for a reflection about my professional development.

09:00am and 01:30pm

All the day, we have prepared our portfolio in 4 slides :

  • Presentation slide with the presenetion of all team crew
  • Learning slide with subjects about we have learned during all the project : dance, history, music, film, legends, art, sports, nature, slangs.
  • Illustrations slide with some pictures about contexts learning.
  • Contents slide where each partner tells about the most important things which we have appreciated a lot.

My daily reflection

An interesting teamwork when we could gathered all informations and memories during these two last weeks. We have thank about several portfolio design.

Time and communication was an important part for the teamwork. It was a important time to have a reflection about professionnel development.

Signed by your european hermit traveler,

Vivien CAPO