Unefortunaly, it is the end of my journey and the time to come back to the old continent, where a fiery heat is burning lands and fields, has come.


We have been all gathered in the Synge Theatre, all european projects’ partners, like as our welcoming first day.

After a presentation which have summarized all goals aimed in this last fourthyeen days, we had to present, with each group per level, our group-tasks in three slides.

With my team The Hop House 13, we have presented what we have learned from Irish culture, learning methods and synthetasized our new teaching in our class and dissemination of european dimension. Our porject work was resumed in a portfolio.

Hop House 13 and our Erasmus+ certificates

More than to come back in our countries with, in our backpakc, a lot of pedagogical methods, these courses had to aim to transmit and share to all a european dimension at school staff, headmaster, and headteacher and parents.

My daily relfection

It was a hard but very interesting project. I am glad to have participated to KA 101 Erasmus+ Project.

Signed by your eternal walker beyond the sky,

Vivien CAPO