19 July 2022

Greetings… Another day has come !

Seagulls sang since dawn and the weather was colder than yesterday. What was the meaning ?

Anyway, let me tell you the second chapter from my book…

09:00 a.m

In the morning, we have begun the course corresponding to Activate your English (B1+, B2).

As an introduction, the instructor was presented himself, then each group’s membre to break the ice.

European Classroom

Our first exercise was to find a special picture for us and told to our partner some of details about this one.

The next exercice was to find someone who has realized a specific task as by exemple, watching a Netflix series at the moment or liking to listen to rock. To do this, we had to walk into the classroom to answer, but the most important fact in this activity, was to speak between us  – group’s membres or european partners.

Finally, by group of three, we had to answer to some questions about personal experiences or feelings.

After, we have started to study Irish culture with some words, idioms and their pronounciations.

Some typical irish idioms and slangs

Real pronunciations


With the content learned earlier, we have created a short situation or scene where we had to use Irish words and idioms.

It was craig ya !

Then, I walk into Merrion Square Park, a very nice place with some historic and artistic statues, where people can practice… their favorite leisures.

Merrion Square Park – Entrance

Merrion Square Park – Along side

Merrion Square Park – Leisures, the best time ever !

A statue, maybe a cousin of Rodin.

And to finish my day, go to the O’Neill‘s pub and the Temple Bar’s pub – the real one, which has given the name to the district.

O’Neills Bar

O’Neills Bar – Inside

The original Templar Bar

Streets are animated as well and people are friendly, a sweet moment in the evening with rock and folk music and refreshed by a good Irish beer (Porterhouse Red Ale).

My daily reflection

Finally, the exercise to use our english and take time for practising is enlight by a social ice breaking activities frol commons personnal things like a picture, a movie or an experience.

We could started, in the second part of lesson, to work on Irish culture with the same methods : group working and social interactions.

It is true that I underestimate this pedagogical concept I could introduce in my lessons to interest more my students.

Have a good night my dears readers !

Signed by your curious adventurer,

Vivien CAPO